Clinton Pushes for Iran Journo's Release

The Secretary of State warns a Senate committee about Roxana Saberi's health

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pushed for the release of imprisoned American journalist Roxana Saberi, saying she is concerned about the woman's health as she continues a hunger strike behind bars in Iran.

Clinton pleaded with the Senate Appropriations Committee today to push for Saberi's immediate release, Fox News reported, advising the committee that Saberi's release was imperative to her survival.

"She is extremely unhappy and quite rebellious about being held in such a horrible situation," Clinton told the committee.

Saberi, 31, was convicted of spying for the United States and working without press credentials and has been sentenced to eight years in Iranian lockup. Clinton called the charges "baseless" and said the Iranian government was holding the freelance reporter in substandard conditions without merit.

"She has arbitrarily been in our view held without any kind of transparency or process. We have called on the Iranian government, both directly and through other emissaries, to release her," Clinton said.

Saberi's conviction marks the first time any American journalist was found guilty of espionage in Iran -- a charge that could've carried the death penalty.

The journalist said earlier this week she'll be on a hunger strike until she's released, and family and friends say she's "very weak" behind bars.

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