Charlie Sheen's “Winning” Single Wins, Kind Of

"Winning is all we know, winning is all we do!”

So sings Snoop Dogg in the new collaborative single released by the rapper and Charlie Sheen, following Sheen's “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour.

The track, released at midnight on Wednesday, is an appropriate tribute to Sheen’s whirlwind rise to fame, trademarked catchphrases, booing, and then, an audience base that largely thought Sheen uninteresting.

The song stars out with a suggestive question from none other than Carmen Electra asking Sheen if he’s “winning.”

“No, he’s smoking right now,” Snoop Dogg responds.

Insert the well-placed tiger growl, some auto-tune, several thousand mentions of winning, and you’ve got your latest meme hit of the summer.

 Selected Reading: NME, Salon

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