Casey Affleck Slapped With Sex Harass Suit

A producer who worked on the upcoming documentary on Joaquin Phoenix, "I'm Still Here, the Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix" has sued the film's director, celebrity baby-brother Casey Affleck, for $2 million.

Amanda White, in her lawsuit filing, painted a picture of a documentary production run amok, replete with hookers, transvestites, and sexually coercive behavior, Reuters reported.

White said in the suit that Affleck became "hostile and aggressive" when she turned down the "Gone Baby Gone" actor's advances, People wrote.  According to the suit, when White declined an offer to get in bed together, Affleck "violently grabbed her arm in an effort to intimidate her into staying."

The two were working together on the a film documenting the transformation of Joaquin Phoenix, the former A-list Hollywood actor, into a bearded hip-hop artist.  Casey Affleck is married to Phoenix's sister.

White alleged that the work environment ran raunchy almost immediately.

"On one occasion, Affleck instructed a crew member to take off his pants in order to show (White) his penis, even after (White) objected," her complaint alleged, according to Reuters. "Affleck repeatedly referred to women as 'cows'; he discussed his sexual exploits and those of other celebrities that he allegedly witnessed; and asked (White), after learning her age, 'Isn't it about time you get pregnant?"'

White, who formerly worked with the Affleck brothers on 'Good Will Hunting,' compiled a laundry-list of allegations in her 19-page lawsuit, including sexual harassment, breach of oral contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

White's lawsuit also claimed that Affleck set up an unscheduled scene that included dozens of prostitutes and male transvestites crowded together in a hotel suite.  White alleged the bizarre gathering had nothing to do with the actual documentary and was set up by Affleck "for his personal gratification."

The shooting of the project coincided with Joaquin Phoenix's extremely uncomfortable appearance on David Letterman's Late Show, in which the "Walk the Line" lead mumbled one-word answers and forgot his co-stars names.  Letterman concluded the interview saying, "Joaquin, I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight."

Amanda White walked off the set of the documentary, but said she has not been paid any of the $50,000 fee that Affleck and his production company had given her an oral agreement on.

Lawyers for Affleck vowed a countersuit, People reported

Michael Plonsker, an attorney for Affleck, said: "The allegations brought upon our clients are preposterous and without merit."

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