Another Singer Swats at Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift thought she was done getting dissed by her musical colleagues.

But Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson had another bucket of haterade to dump on the country-pop princess.

"She might be cute, but she's horrible," Robinson said in a recent magazine interview, E! reported.

The grizzly-bearded ex-husband of Kate Hudson knocked Swift's looks and her sound.

According to the rock and roll front man, artists like Swift  "have stylists who dress them," Robinson said.  "They make records with producers who play a chord into the computer and it all comes out the same."

After a quick trip to the top of the charts 15 years ago, 42-year-old Chris Robinson has watched his bands popularity dwindle.

His noxious comments echo another mercurial  music-maker, Kanye West.  West famously snatched the microphone from the doey-eyed starlet at the MTV Music Awards last year and delivered a slurry put-down on national TV.

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