Aerosmith Bassist: “Ink is Dry” on Steven Tyler as “Idol” Judge

Enough with the secret sources.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton has gone on the record to say Steven Tyler is a lock to replace Simon Cowell as “American Idol” judge. His confirmation came after a host of widespread, but anonymously-sourced reports on Wednesday.

"Steven is doing ‘American Idol.’ The ink is dry on that," Hamilton told New Jersey’s Star-Ledger for an interview the paper will run in full next week. "So, we'll have to work around his schedule for a new record.”

Hamilton told the Ledger he “wouldn’t want to be the one standing in the way” of an “opportunity for millions of people to see another side of Steven Tyler.”

Fox execs have not confirmed which judges they plan to replace Cowell or Ellen DeGeneres with, or revealed the fate of existing panelists Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi. Even after a bevy of new Tyler-inks-deal reports on Wednesday, the network continued with its no-comment policy.

Tyler himself said after a July 31 concert in Las Vegas that he “probably” was going to be an “Idol” judge, clueing in People magazine before the rest of his band mates.

“I mean, after working with me for 40 years, he couldn’t tell me about this,” longtime Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry fumed at the time. “Why so secretive?”

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