Suzanne Ciechalski

Nate Parker Opens Up During Appearance on ‘Steve Harvey'

The "Birth of a Nation" star talks family, controversy surrounding alleged sexual assault

Nate Parker, star and director of "The Birth of a Nation" will appear on "Steve Harvey" Wednesday for a one-on-one interview to discuss his film and the sexual assault drama that has followed him in recent weeks.

Parker has been embroiled in controversy following news he was charged and acquitted of rape at age 19 while attending Penn State. Years later, the women who filed the charges against Parker committed suicide. Parker discusses this during his appearance, saying that the suicide "shocked his soul."

Harvey and Parker also talk about his family, and the type of father that he strives to be. The two will also discuss Parker's relationship with co-star Gabrielle Union, who recently wrote an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times about being a sexual assault survivor.

"I’m in alignment with her. I am supportive of her. I am supportive of anyone that has had to endure that," he says.

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