Name That ‘Do!

The "Posh Bob" is out and Palin hair is in among Halloween partiers and NY's Orthodox Jews. Seriously, it's everywhere! So, what do we call it?

As Halloween approaches, it should come as no surprise that Sarah Palin-style wigs are flying off the shelves of costume shops around the nation. But how do you know when a hairstyle is really catching on? Apparently, you head to Brooklyn and visit the wig shops. In Orthodox Jewish communities, many women wear wigs to conceal their hair for religious reasons, and in Brooklyn, which has a sizable Hasidic community, stylists report that the most requested style as of late has been the one sported by the Republican VP candidate.

So, is this just a fleeting fad, or will we be seeing women across the country working the bangs-hive-and-fall for years to come? Is this hair history in the making? The answer may lie in whether or not Ms. Palin's look is actually definitive enough to warrant its own name.

The one sure way to secure a place in style history is to be the first to popularize a hairstyle that sweeps the nation. The "Farrah" 'do dominated the '70s, Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" lasted forever, and more recently, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's severely angled bob was copied by style lemmings across the land. And due to its truly profound influence, the Posh bob eventually was christened the "Pob."

And now we find ourselves at a critical juncture in history. A decision of epic importance is about to be made. What do we call Sara Palin's hairstyle? We have a few proposals for your consideration:

The Pile-On

The P-Hive

The Moose-Mousse

The Trooper Twist

The Wasilla Wig

Help us out here, people! What do we call it?!

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