Much of South Warned to Prepare for ‘Historic' Weekend Storm

The heaviest snow is expected in North Carolina's expected from Chatham County through through Raleigh and Rocky Mount

The winter weather system that has buried much of the West under record snow was racing east Thursday — on course to slam Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas with snow and ice that authorities warned could be historic, NBC News reported. 

The National Weather Service on Thursday issued a winter storm warning of rain, sleet and snow beginning Friday afternoon for the northern two-thirds of Georgia. Michael Thurmond, chief executive of DeKalb County in metro Atlanta, warned residents: "This can potentially be a historic weather event." 

North Carolina also received winter storm warnings in areas where the heaviest snow is expected — from Chatham County through Raleigh and Rocky Mount. A chunk of east-central Alabama was added to the warning area on Thursday night. 

Snow was already falling over Tennessee, Kentucky and parts north, but it's when warm, wet air from the Gulf of Mexico begins moving ashore on Friday that the real chaos is expected to begin, the National Weather Service said.

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