Movie Ticket Prices Are on the Rise

Major theater chains across the country are hiking their ticket prices today, for both 2D and 3D, with fans of the latter having to pony up roughly 25% more, news that is causing much wailing among film fans.

In some parts of New York City, a ticket to a 3D movie will cost up to $19.50, meaning it costs a family of four $78 before they've even bought popcorn. Meanwhile, the hike for 2D movies will only be around 5%

Despite a struggling economy, people spent a record $10.6 billion at the movies last year, an increase of 10% over the previous year, and almost a billion more than in 2007, the previous all-time high. Movie industry backers are likely to claim a trip to the cinema is still a relative bargain: Tickets to a Broadway show start at about $60, baseball tickets average more than $25, it costs kids $31 to get into Six Flags St. Louis. A 3D in New York will still be 20% cheaper than any of those.

For those who think that the prices are too high, check back at the end of the summer and take a look at the receipts pulled in by "How to Train Your Dragon," "Clash of the Titans," and all the other extra-dimensional offerings that are on their way.

Making a movie in 3D cost as much as $10 million extra, to say nothing of the cost for converting theaters and buying glasses, the money has to come from somewhere. And if it doesn't come from us -- or the stars -- they'll lower prices, because the alternative -- no more 3D movies -- isn't going to happen.

And honestly, the pricing at the movies has always been ridiculous. No matter where you sit in a theater, front row, back row, on the aisle, up against the wall.. it costs the same. That's criminal. Imagine sitting in the center field bleachers at your favorite baseball team's ballpark and knowing that your seat cost the same as the big shots in the box seats.

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