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Monica Lewinsky Changes Twitter Name to Fight Bullying

The handle change is part of the #DefyTheName anti-bullying campaign

Monica Lewinsky is teaming up with celebrities for an anti-bullying campaign that targets name-calling.

Appearing Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America," Lewinsky said the #DefyTheName campaign calls on people to change their social media names to include the names they were bullied by.

Lewinsky said she'll now be known as Monica "Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman" Lewinsky.

Lewinsky said she had a long list of names from childhood on. She said name-calling is the most common form of bullying and it's important not to let those names define you.

Lewinsky said organizers want to recreate a community of empathy online.

Lewinsky was a White House intern when she had an affair with President Bill Clinton. Clinton initially denied the affair before admitting to it in 1998.

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