Monday Watch List: Jersey Housewives Let Loose!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and follow the final flight of the space shuttle. I’ll miss you, space shuttle. You kind of looked like a flying killer whale. I once had a Transformer named Astrotrain that transformed into both a shuttle AND a train, and wouldn’t that be so useful to have in real life? LET’S GO!

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY – 9:00PM (Bravo – an NBC/Universal network) Sad that the network TV season is nearly at its end? Fear not, for Bravo has a whole new season of trashy Jersey cougo-tramps ready to load. Watch as they swear at the dinner table and say progressively meaner things about one another in a transparent bid to get a salary comparable to Snooki’s. ANTICIPATION: JERSEYNESS!

OFF LIMITS – 9:00PM (Travel Channel) Travel Channel’s newest offering follows historian Don Wildman (He’s a wild man!) as he seeks out the bizarre little nooks and crannies of various locales. For the premiere, Wildman hits Los Angeles, where he kayaks down the LA river (the toxic waste gives you buoyancy!) and checks out a former Nazi compound. Compounds are totally what’s hot with bad guys today. ANTICIPATION: FORBIDDEN!

FREEDOM RIDERS – 9:00PM (PBS) Learn all about the 1961 Freedom Riders, who risked life and limb to defy Jim Crow laws at transportation facilities across the American South. Or watch the Jersey Housewives. Both are equally enriching. ANTICIPATION: EDUCATIONAL!

CHUCK – 8:00PM (NBC) Season finale. Will the evil Vivian Volkoff foil Chuck and Sarah’s wedding? I hope so, because Sarah is way hot and I’m better looking than Chuck. ANTICIPATION: CHUCKY!

HOUSE – 8:00PM (FOX) Thirteen needs help from Chase to treat a friend of hers who’s an ex-con and a drug addict. Because her friends are so HIP and EDGY. ANTICIPATION: STRAIN!

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