MJ's Mother Talks About Pop Star's Children

The mother of the late pop-star Michael shared a sad portrait of the singer's children's life one year after his death. 

Katherine Jackson, who is planning on releasing a coffee table book about her son's life next week, spoke to the U.K. tabloid the Mirror about the closeted life of the King of Pop's kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

"They don't have any friends," she said.  "They don't go to school, they have private lessons at home - but that will change in Spetember, when they are due to enroll at private college."

After the pop icon's death, Katherine Jackson was appointed the legal guardian of his three children.  Jackson told the Mirror that the children live a spare and regimented life of private tutoring and athletic lessons.

"To them, its normal, it's the life they have known," she told the paper.

The singer's mother said that each child resembled their father in a different way.

Of his 12-year-old daughter Paris, she said, "Paris has that lovely way, just like him, and I see his talent in her.  Whatever she does, she is very good at it.  She's a good artist, she plays the piano and she wants to be an actress."

Katherine Jackson said the oldest son Prince, 13, also showed an inclination towards show business.  "Prince is serious about a lot of things," she said.  "He wants to be a camera man or produce movies."

She said 8-year-old Blanket also shows a streak of her father.  "Blanket is very playful, like Michael was."

According to the Mirror, Katherine Jackson said Paris built a shrine to her father in her bedroom. 

"She went into a closet and she brought out seven or eight pictures of Michael," Katherine Jackson said in the Mirror,  "and she told me, 'No, I want my daddy hanging in my room. So she goes to bed looking at him and wakes up looking at him.  She said, 'I always want to be able to see him.'"

In the interview, Katherine Jackson dismissed the sexual molestation charges that had dogged her son.  She also told the paper she suspected foul play in her son's death, a charge that has been made by many members of the later singer's family.

Access Hollywood reported a copy of Michael Jackson's family trust was published last week.  Jackson gave away one-fifth of his estate to charity.  His mother and his three children are due to split the rest of the money, including posthumous merchandise and record sales.  Payments will be spaced out across the childrens lives.  Ex-wife Debbie Rowe was notably left out.

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