Minaj Injured in Dallas Suitcase Scuffle

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Documents obtained by NBCDFW show Nicki Minaj (a.k.a Onika Maraj) cut her lip during a scuffle with a suitcase at Hotel Palomar on Monday night.

Minaj, who was in town to perform with Britney Spears on Tuesday, was at the hotel when she had a verbal altercation with a man at the pool, according to Dallas Police documents.

The man and Minaj headed back to their shared hotel room where Minaj said the man picked up a suitcase with some of his personal belongings inside and stuck her on the chin and lip.

According to the reporting officer, Minaj had slight swelling and redness on her chin, and a small cut in her lower lip where her teeth struck.

After the incident, a witness called for police on behalf of Minaj, though when officers arrived Minaj stated she did not want to file an official report or press charges. Minaj also did not want any photos taken of her injuries. Minaj only stated she wanted her suitcase back.

The man involved in the incident was not found at the hotel when officers arrived. Minaj that she and the man are not involved in a intimate relationship and are "only friends."

Read the complete incident report here: Nicki Minaj Incident Report

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