Mila Kunis and the Amazing Bilingual Celebrities

Apologies to Us Weekly, but the whole "Celebrities Are Just Like Us!" thing is ridiculous. They are people. People who jog. People who buy coffee. People who sometimes look like crap. They also, sometimes, know another language.

So while it's not shocking that a celebrity might be bilingual, it is still a little jarring to see stars so associated with American roles in American movies (or sports) spouting off in other tongues.

Most recently, Ukraine-born Mila Kunis took on a glib Russian journalist on her own turf, much to the chagrin of a confused Justin Timberlake.

So why not use this handy excuse to ogle other celebrities busting out first and second languages? 

Like, say...

Natalie Portman speaking Hebrew:

Or Bradley Cooper making the ladies swoon harder in fluent French:

Or Charlize Theron in her native Afrikaans:

Or Netherlands-born Famke Janssen giving Ellen Degeneres a lesson in Dutch:

And finally, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant doing an entire interview in Italian:

See? Just like us. Not that we speak any of these languages. Except English. Sometimes.

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