Michelle Troconis

Michelle Troconis to appear in court for contempt charge Wednesday

NBC Connecticut

Michelle Troconis is expected to be back in a Stamford courtroom on Wednesday to answer to a contempt charge.

Four months ago, she was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and other charges for her role in the death of New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos.

Wednesday's appearance is for a charge she received during that trial.

The document she is accused of showing was a sealed custody report. It was caught on livestream cameras and the gallery.

According to court records, the report was ordered by the court during a custody dispute between Jennifer and Fotis Dulos and contained health information about the Dulos' five children.

The criminal contempt of court charge was filed after longtime friend of Jennifer, Carrie Luft, saw the report open on Troconis' laptop with a doctor's name she recognized. Luft then reported it to state prosecutors, according to the arrest warrant.

A criminal contempt of court charge is a misdemeanor. Defense attorney Jim Bergenn said these kinds of charges are not common.

“Even though the criminal trial judge, if the one that initiated the process, its another judge, who is going to vindicate the court system, and what is being considered at the time of sentencing of the conspiracy to commit murder, is completely different than this episode on court," Bergenn said.

The contempt of court charge is completely separate from the previous criminal trial and won't impact the sentencing or verdict that was already reached.

A defense attorney we spoke to says if found guilty, how long Troconis could spending jail will be up to a judge. Her punishment could range from a verbal warning to six months in jail.

Troconis is currently service a 14-and-a-half year prison sentence for her role in Jennifer's death and disappearance.

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