Miami Man Arrested After Bringing Gun to Disney World: Deputies

A Miami Lawyer was arrested last Friday after carrying a concealed firearm into Disney World with an expired permit, Orange County Sheriff's Office said.

According to a police report, 36-year-old Andrew John Gerson was attempting to walk in to the Magic Kingdom when a security officer noticed a bulge in his waist. The officer then attempted to make contact with Gerson.

"After about 100 yards, the white male turned and made eye contact with me," the report reads. "Once he turned back around, he pulled out his phone, placed it to his ear and started to run. I then drew my firearm and ordered him to stop and after about two times, the subject stopped."

Officers found a silver revolver in Gerson's possession. After checking his Florida concealed weapon permit, it was revealed that his permit expired in 2005.

Gerson reportedly told officers that the gun was left in his bag and he didn't know it was there, and that he was only attempting to leave the park.

Gerson was ordered held on $2,500 bond.

It is unclear if Gerson has hired an attorney.

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