“MacGruber” Trailer: Looks Like We Need a Hero To Save The Day

"Don't underestimate this man," we're told in the "MacGruber" trailer which has just hit the internet.

Cue the image of Will Forte walking all dramatic with the fate of the free world on his shoulders and the world's most awesome mullet on his head.

There's always the fear (and it's a big fear) that this is just another one of those skits that never should have left its Saturday night home. Even on SNL they played the very good "MacGruber" gag a few beats too many.

And sure enough, it even takes a while to muster up a good laugh in the "MacGruber" promo: Forte takes a close look at one of the Russian missiles about to head for Washington D.C., with a completely baffled expression. "There's like a million wires in here," he announces. "I'm like a three-wire guy."

Appropriate for an action caper, this preview comes with a grim warning -- the site requires log-in enrollment and the preview has its share of potty language (none of it funny). It also features a very fleshy Val Kilmer. There, you've been warned.

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