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Girl Scalped on Carnival Ride: ‘My Scars Don't Define Me'

Elizabeth "Lulu" Gilreath had been excited for her first-ever carnival ride, but doesn't remember what happened when it started

Nearly a year ago, Elizabeth Gilreath's scalp was ripped from her head when her hair was caught on a Nebraska carnival ride, but today, the 12-year-old known affectionately as Lulu says she refuses to dwell on the accident, NBC News reported.

"My scars don't define me. Nobody's scars should define them," she said.

Lulu was excited for her first-ever carnival ride, but the next thing she remembers after sitting down on the spinning King's Crown ride at a Cinco de Mayo festival in Omaha was waking up in the hospital, she told NBC affiliate WOWT 6 News Thursday.

"I told her, 'I feel like my head was smushed, Mom.' And she told me what happened," Lulu told WOWT.

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