Yuki-Taro, the Lovable Robot Snowplow


SNOW MORE: OK, we know the whole point of the Want This blog is to showcase stuff you can actually buy. However! Our level of want for the lovable Yuki-taro supercedes the fact that we actually can't buy it (since we don't live in Japan, or the future). Yuki-taro is a self-guided, camera-equipped robot snowplow. The cuddly prototype will probably be ready for purchase in about five years for the equivalent of $9,000. 

Sure, Yuki-taro has GPS -- and dual video cameras for "eyes" -- but it also takes all that snow and, um, "excretes" it into compacted blocks. Not only does this reduce snow mass, but it provides the perfect opp for major igloo building. We'll meet you in the future in Japan, OK? GET IT: Sorry, not yet.

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