Lost Star Leaves Longtime Gal Pal, 21 Years His Senior

Naveen Andrews, 41, was watching cartoons when his now ex-girlfriend Barbara Hershey, 62, was winning the Best Actress award at Cannes.  After spending ten years together, the endearing cross-generational couple have called it quits, People reported.

The star of Lost whose character had a penchant for torture met Hershey on set in 1998, filming a straight-to-TV movie "Drowning on Dry Land."  After receiving critical acclaim for his role in "the English Patient," Andrews was recovering from drug addiction when he and Hershey made their love connection.

Hershey starred along-side Dianne West in Woody Allen's classic 1986 film "Hannah and Her Sisters," and later plumped her lips with collagen to star in the Bette Midler film "Beaches."

Their relationship was marked by a short split in 2005, during which Andrews fathered a child with another woman.

Andrews has been defensive in the past when questioned about the age gap between him and his ex-partner.  "Michael Douglas can look 70," he told Entertainment Weekly, "go out with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and nobody f--king blinks an eyelid."

The relationship ended quietly 6 months ago.  "They remain the best of friends," Andrews' publicist Renee Jennet told People.

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