“Lost” Coming To A Movie Theater Near You

Okay, so that headline is a bit misleading. There isn’t going to be a “Lost” feature film. No, it appears that ABC’s extremely popular and wildly convoluted juggernaut could be taking over your local multiplex three days before its two-hour finale, with a live Q&A session for the show’s most diehard fans. You know, like the one in your office who constantly stands by the fridge and mutters odd questions to himself. Via Ain’t It Cool News and the Michigan Celebrations Cinema website:

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, the creators of LOST, will have an in-depth live discussion about the show's creation, its six years on the air, and its finale on May 23, 2010… The discussion will be interspersed with video clips from past shows as well as a one-minute sneak peak from the finale. The discussion will be followed by a 30-40 minute Q&A with questions taken from the live crowd at the NYT Center, pre-submitted fan questions and questions texted from guests on event night. Guests will be offered the opportunity to text in a question…

In other "Lost" news, the two-hour finale now has a title: "The End."

I have an alternate suggestion for ABC on this: Why not just show the finale itself in theaters on the night it airs? This Q&A thing sounds fun for people who like to sit in a theater and text all night long, but there’s no benefit to me, as a viewer, seeing Carlton Cuse on the big screen. I could watch that Q&A on YouTube and not miss anything. Half the answers will be, “You’ll have to watch the finale to find that out!”

Part of what makes “Lost” a special show is that its production values are so extraordinary. Much better, in fact, than those of many feature films. It’s the best looking show on TV, and throwing it on the big screen would be mind-blowing. Imagine being a “Lost” fan and being able to see the finale on an IMAX screen. Or, at the very least, seeing a marathon showing of this past season two days before the finale in a theater. It’s the show itself that belongs on the big screen.

So come on, ABC. Make it happen. Those kooky Losties have followed you this far. Give them a real piece of your show in a real movie theater.

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