Lindsay's Dad Says Her Life Won't Change In New York

Following Dina Lohan's Friday morning claims that Lindsay Lohan would move to New York following her stint in rehab, dad Michael Lohan told Access Hollywood he doesn't believe her life will actually change if that happens. The actress' dad wants family therapy for all of the Lohans and for his daughter to stay with him in LA.

"Dina says that Lindsay is coming back to New York after rehab. The funny part is, every time Lindsay comes back to New York, she doesn't stay at the house like she should. She stays in hotels in the city, and that gets her in trouble," Michael claimed on Friday when he sat down with Access.

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"She [needs] a clean house to get away from all the people. She can't go to the same places she used to go to. She can't do the same things and go out and party at night. She's gotta change her life completely," he continued. "She needs to go and stay at my house in the Hamptons, alone, where no one is going to bother her… with gates where she can just come and go as she pleases."

Michael, who has had a rocky relationship with Lindsay as of late, said he wants to bring the family together.

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"I'm just going to just push and push and push for family counseling," he told Access.

The Lohan patriarch shot down Dina's claims that Lindsay would actually move to the East Coast.

"[Lindsay might] come back for a little while, but she'll get back out there again," he said referring to Hollywood. "She needs to get away from everything… I would like to see us all in family therapy. I'd like to see Lindsay step out of Hollywood. I'd like to see her get her life back, then decide what she wants to do."

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Michael also claimed that Dina has set up a huge upcoming payday for their daughter.

"From what I understand, Dina set up a ,000,000 interview for Lindsay when she gets out," Michael told Access. "She wanted to do that interview between jail and rehab but the judge wouldn't let her."

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As previously reported on, Dina Lohan told NBC's Matt Lauer on Friday's "Today" show that her daughter would be released from her court-ordered 90-day rehab stint early, saying she would get out "soon."

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