Lindsay Lohan Shows Up at “Gotti” Press Conference, Fuels Casting Rumors

Lindsay Lohan, who was rumored to be the lead candidate to play Victoria Gotti alongside John Travolta as John Gotti in the upcoming film "Gotti: Three Generations," showed up at a "Gotti" press conference in Manhattan early this morning. Her appearance naturally lent credibility to the casting rumors.

"Lindsay is a terrific actress," said Marc Fiore, who is producing "Three Generations." "Nothing has been finalized, but we are definitely in talks." 

"I know first hand that Lindsay Lohan happens to be a big fan of mine," Travolta added. "I've always thought she was gorgeous and talented and filled with a lot of depth. So, I think that whatever she would like to do would be great with me."

The press conference, which is took place at the Sheraton Hotel on Seventh Avenue, also confirmed that veteran actor Joe Pesci ("Goodfellas") has been cast in the film as Gambino family member Angelo Ruggiero.

A few months ago, Travolta met with Gotti's son, "Junior" Gotti, to discuss the lead role and agreed to add it to a resume that includes roles as Vinny Barbarino, Tony Manero and Chili Palmer.

"Travolta is the guy," Fiore, an ex-con and aspiring film producer who has been working with the mafia scion told the New York Post.

"This is probably the most interesting untold story in this country, and what a character to approach and understand,"Travolta said during the press conference.

Nick Cassavetes will direct the film, and he'll be working from a script by writer/actor Leo Rossi. Cassavetes is the son of late actor and pioneering indie film director John Cassavetes.

Travolta, Gotti and a host of hangers-on and Hollywood types met at an LA restaurant to talk about the project, and Travolta reportedly agreed to bring Gotti, who died in prison in 2002, back to life. Travolta, 56, could be joined by Oscar nominee James Franco, who is under consideration to play Junior, according to Fiore.

Gotti, whose double-breasted suits and ubiquitous diamond studded watch earned him the nickname "The Dapper Don," was convicted of 13 murders and a long list of other crimes in 1992.

Junior Gotti, 46, sold the rights to his screenplay to Fiore last year. The Gambino leader's son was himself tried four times since 2005 for racketeering, with each trial ending in a hung jury. He was released from prison in December, 2009, after serving nine years in a previous racketeering case. He has said he left organized crime in 1999.

"This is not a movie; this is part of American history. We have the exclusive story for first time ever told by John Gotti Junior and his family," Fiore said. Fiore's website says the movie will have a budget of $15 million.

Last year, in a rare interview with The Associated Press, Gotti said he would be very involved with the making of the film.

"It's going to be filmed in New York, I've been working on it in New York, we can be an active player in the situation from start to finish," Gotti said. "They were willing to hear my thoughts and they assured me the script would be absolutely accurate, the script would be fair.

"This is not a mob story. That's one misconception," he continued. "This is a father-son story."

Travolta also confirmed that there will be a small role in the movie for his 11 year-old daughter Ella Bleu.

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