Kristin Cavallari Admits to Past Cocaine Use, But Now “Off of All Drugs”

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"The Hills" starlet Kristin Cavallari says reports of her doing drugs at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival are out of line.

"Don't you think it's funny that Coachella was – what three weeks ago? – and it's just now coming out when ['The Hills'] is premiering?" Kristin said Tuesday morning on the "Valentine In The Morning" LA radio show when asked about an Us Weekly report which claimed she was spotted doing cocaine at the music festival last month.

"Don't you think that if that was really true, it would have come out right after Coachella?" she said. "Someone would have been talking about it. It would have been on Perez [Hilton] right after Coachella if that was true!"

The 23-year-old reality starlet said the timing of the alleged drug use is suspect.

"It only started in Miami, Super Bowl weekend, because of 'The Hills.' Because Lo [Bosworth] and Stephanie [Pratt] assumed I was on drugs," she said, referring to the events seen on the season premiere of her MTV series last week. "Up until that, no one had ever expressed any concern about me. It's not even like I go out that much! It just came out of left field and then died down because there is no story, but now with the show premiering again, it came back up!"

DJ Valentine pointedly asked Kristin, "Have you ever done cocaine?"

"Yeah I have," she revealed, explaining that she is not currently using the drug. "I tried it in high school. I admitted it! I don't like being around it. I think it's kind of a shady disgusting drug."

Kristin, who was seen in the premiere episode of "The Hills" partying into the wee hours of the morning, owned up to her recent actions.

"I'm the first to admit that I like to go out and have a good time. It's no shock that I drink," she explained. "[But,] I'm not doing anything that I shouldn't be doing."

She then proclaimed, "Drugs scare me…I'm off of all drugs. I'm fine, I'm really healthy and take care of myself."

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