Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts For Kids

Be a cool auntie, uncle or friend and buy a kid in your life one of these hip holiday gifts. (And score major brownie points with the parents, too!)

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HUGGALUGS BABY LEG WARMERS (Ages 0-6): Not only are these like-oh-my-gawd-totally cute, but they are surprisingly practical (think: no need to pull pants off and on for frequent diaper changes). $17.95,
Dan Santat/Sterling
CHICKEN DANCE (all ages): This book has been known to make small children laugh uncontrollably. Marge and Lola hit the Elvis Poultry Show. Hilarity ensues. $14.95,
PATCHES PLUSH PUPPY LOVIE (Ages 0-2): Finally, a dog you can drool on. Patches is soft, plush, has a built-in rattle, and comes delivered in a dog house. $20,
MALINDI HAND-KNITTED HAT (Ages 0-2): This hat, and other styles like it, are hand-knitted and made to order by a mom of three. In-stock hats ship in 1-2 days, special orders take 1-2 weeks. Plan accordingly. $22,
SHAKE YOUR FOOTBALL BOOTIES (Ages 0-6 months): You might have noticed that the holiday season and football season coincide. If you know a baby being born around now, these booties will score a touchdown. $24,
Manhattan Toy
FARM PUZZLE BLOCK SET (Ages 18 months+): The cute illustrations of farm animals on some blocks match up with spelled-out words on others. The kiddies will match 'em up to make a puzzle. Or chew on 'em. Either way they are sure to enjoy them. $24,
House of Mongrel
HOUSE OF MONGREL "1,2, TREE" ONESIE (Ages 0-18 months): They're going green young these days, you know. This 100% organic cotton onesie uses low impact dyes and inks, and has a tree-hugging message. Though you might want to hug the messenger instead. $26,
FAUNA KIDS T-SHIRT - FAWN (Ages 2-8):This photo-negative animal print is stylish and sweet. It's also super-soft organic cotton, which is also pretty sweet. Horses, apes, owls and bunnies are also available. $27,
Manhattan Toy
AUTOMOBLOX A9 TOY CAR (Ages 2+): A toy car is inspired by popular European and Japanese models. Cool. Also cool? For yoru budding builder, there's a whole range of them and their parts are interchangeable. $38,
Pottery Barn Kids
KID CROQUET SET (Ages 3+): Ah, croquet... a game with timeless charm. Though it's somewhat less charming when an errant whack catches a 4 year-old in the shin. Fortunately this set features mallets and balls of lightweight foam. Ahhh. $39,
AR Global Design
KID PUZZLE DINNER TRAY (Ages 1+): Kids like puzzles. Kids also like having their own special things -- toothbrushes, foods, and yes, dinner plates. This set is non-toxic, which makes it extra-delicious. Go ahead, kid, play with your food. $55,
Wheely Bug
WHEELY BUG (Ages 2+): These award-winning joy-riders encourage motor skills and development. Plus, they're really cute. Works inside and out. $59,
Jean Bourget
JEAN BOURGET CHUNKY SWEATER (Ages 1-4): Ooh la la. The knitting. The elbow patches. The cozy French-ness. A good gift for sartorial tots in colder climes. Other styles available, too. $62, Arte Bebe
ABC CHOCOLATE RIDING HORSE (Ages 2-5): Rocking horses have come a long way. This one, with a sleek design and solid construction, makes for great giddy-upping and adds a stylish object to kids room decor. $118,
EAMES ELEPHANT (Ages 1+): That's Eames as in Charles and Ray, of course, of mid-century chair-design fame. Their elephant, first produced in 1945, makes a great addition to a modern kids room. $247,
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