Kerry Washington: Movie Sex Scenes Are Like College Living

Show business is an odd business where you show up for work and immediately shoot a sex scene. That's what happened to Kerry Washington and David Ramsey on their first day of work for "Mother and Child."

"It's strange because it's like, 'Nice to meet you,' and then you take your clothes off," Washington tells PopcornBiz. "That only other place you get that is college campuses."

Samuel L. Jackson said he was surprised that his own sex scene with Naomi Watts in the same movie was scheduled for the first day. But these two played strangers getting together for the first time, so any odd feelings were allowed to come across on screen.

As for Washington, she plays a wife trying desperately to conceive a child with Ramsey in the movie opening in theaters today, so there could be no awkwardness. She understands, "it's scheduling." But she could still dream about getting a little help.

"I was speaking at Princeton the other day and I was saying how weird it is to meet someone and then jump right into bed," she says. "And then I said, 'You guys just thought I should have just had a couple of beers first.'"

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