Judge Sends Jacko's Kids to Grandma's House

Ratifies deal reached last week, support money not disclosed

Katherine Jackson has reportedly given up the fight for control of her dead son's estate, but the fight for the purse strings may be far from over.

Michael Jackson's mother withdrew her petition, which she filed before she was aware of an existing will, seeking control of the singer's estate, according to TMZ. Whether she will contest the appointment of Michael's former lawyer John Branca and music exec and friend John McClain as executors remains to be seen.

Last week, Jackson's lawyers accused Branca and McClain of being "intent on keeping (Katherine) in the dark," CNN reported. His estate could be worth up to $500 million, according to estimates. Branca and McClain say they have several deals in the works to increase the value of Jackson's estate.

A Los Angeles judge granted the Michael Jackson's 79-year-old mother custody of the dead singer's three kids, and gave visitation rights to Debbie Rowe, who gave birth to two of the children while married to the King of Pop.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff's decision on Monday was expected, after Rowe and Katherine Jackson reached an agreement last week. Rowe gave birth to 12-year-old Prince Michael and 10-year-old Paris Michael. A third child, known as Blanket, will also be raised by Jacko's mother.

The monthly allowance the Jackson family matriarch will get from the singer's estate to raise the children was not announced, but TMZ reported she got 83.5% of what her lawyers requested. The reason less was given than requested is that Jackson was already supporting his mother when he died, and in a separate motion, the judge granted Katherine Jackson 100% of what her attorneys requested for her own support.

Meanwhile, Katherine Jackson told Geraldo Rivera she does not believe her son died of natural causes. 

"All I know that my son is dead," Katherine Jackson told the Fox News host Sunday night. "He's too young to have that. Something happened. I don't know what it was. And I can't say."

Beckloff has already approved one that will bring Jackson's 1988 autobiography, "Moonwalk" back to store shelves. The singer left behind several unfinished projects and a trove of unreleased music.

The judge also that ordered AEG, owner of Staples Center, to hand over its contract with MJ to Katherine.
That could be a significant development, as the Jackson family has been asking many questions about the circumstances of the hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor currently under investigation in a reported homicide investigation by the L.A.P.D.  Murray was hired by AEG to accompany Jackson to London for his concert tour, although AEG says the late performer insisted that they hire the physician.

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