Judge to Paris' Motion to Dismiss: As If

The lawsuit filed by an entertainment company against Paris Hilton can continue, a federal judge ruled Tuesday

At least Paris Hilton won't have to prove the movie "Pledge This" sucked.

But the starlet will still have to fight a defunct entertainment company's claim that Hilton didn't promote the movie enough, costing investors millions, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. The judge dismissed a motion to toss out the lawsuit.

Hilton said she tried to promote the 2006 straight to DVD release of the movie, but it was hard with her busy diva schedule. That and the fact that she reportedly absolutely loathed the movie may have contributed to her inability to hype the movie.

The entertainment company claims she didn't do squat. Somewhere in the middle is the truth and U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno plans to get to the bottom of it.

In case you were wondering, the movie is about sorority life at the fictitious South Beach University. Yeah, that's what we said.

So the company wants $8.3 million in damages. And Hilton is still trying to figure out who pays her cell phone bill.

The trial begins June 8. Stay tuned.

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