Jon Hamm Voiced a Talking Toilet on “Bob’s Burgers” (Yes, You Read That Right)

"Mad Men's" leading man got animated on the Fox comedy.


We know you swoon over Don Draper on "Mad Men," but Jon Hamm's latest role surely has everything you're looking for in the perfect partner: A good sense of humor, intelligence and a bidet. Oh yeah, he's a toilet.

Last summer, it was announced that the Emmy nominee would get animated for a cameo on the Fox comedy and his episode aired last night. Below, a clip of Jon Hamm playing a talking toilet:

The best moment from his guest appearance:

Tina: "Say 'I love you, Tina. I'm not a toilet, I'm a...boy.'"

Toilet: "No."

 Jon Hamm is the boss (sorry, Tony Danza!)--check out this silly twitpic

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