Johnny Depp’s Voice Keeps The Doors Forever Young

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Thanks to a new documentary voiced by Johnny Depp, The Doors will stay young forever.

Director Tim DiCilo's documentary, "When You're Strange," completely immerses the viewers back into the time when the band was at its height when the charismatic lead singer Jim Morrison captivated audiences.

The film's rare footage and previously unseen clips freezes time for The Doors. There is no sign that the surviving band members have aged or that Jim Morrison died in 1971 at the age of 27.

"In this movie, the Doors will never get old,"  DiCillo tells USA Today.

The opening scene has a bearded Morrison in an abandoned car on the side of a California road, sliding out of an open window. It seems like a dramatization but its actually Doors history. This is actually a 35mm art film Morrison put together in 1969 called "HWY," which featured himself as a drifter storming across the desert in a sports car.

Besides the HWY footage, other scenes include Morrison comforting a bloody female fan who was hit by a chair, and the band rehearsing in a beach-side pad

The film stays completely in the band's golden days. Rather than cut away to interviews of surviving band members, there is only a voice over by actor Johnny Depp -- the ultimate authority in staying young forever.

The movie opens in select theaters on Friday and will air on PBS on May 12.

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