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WATCH: John Oliver Targets Celebrities With a Salmon Cannon

The bad news is, there won't be another new episode of "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" until Feb. 8, 2015.

The good news is, HBO's newest shining star left us with this: His takedown of a real-life salmon cannon created by Whooshh Innovations to launch the unsavvy swimmers over a hydroelectric dam.

And how does John Oliver like to really hammer his points home? By creating his own version of whatever ridiculous thing he's ridiculing.

Enter... "The Last Week Tonight" salmon cannon. And somehow, from the close quarters of his NYC studio, he lobbed fake fish every which way, reaching as far as Seattle and Springfield.

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But first, Oliver hits closer to home: Cue Jon Stewart talking about the Middle East seemingly during The Daily Show. Boom, hit with a fish!

Next up, Jimmy Fallon writing his thank you notes. Incoming!

And how did flying fish manage to infiltrate the set of a soap opera right in the middle of a super-intense scene?

"Clearly, this is the greatest object that has ever been invented," Oliver declared proudly before really openin' it up for an all-out assault on the A list.

Dwight Howard, sucks about those broken fish-blocking fingers. Look out, Michelle Beadle! Seth Meyers, duck! Ouch, Anderson Cooper!

From Kelly Ripa and Joel McHale to Tom Hanks and J.J. Abrams to Homer Simpson, Meredith Vieira and Meredith Grey, the fish-slapping only gets funnier. This is guaranteed to have the most major cameos of any viral video you'll watch this week. Enjoy.

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