Dentist Buys John Lennon's Tooth For $31G

Dentist plans to display it in his office

A Canadian dentist paid $31,000 for a tooth pulled out of John Lennon's mouth more than 40 years ago.

The molar was expected to go for half that amount, but Michael Zuk wouldn't be denied. He plans to display the tooth in his office.

"Some people will think it's gross, others will be fascinated by it," Zuk said. 

The biter was handed down to Dorothy "Dot" Jarlett when she worked as Lennon's housekeeper at his home in Surrey, according to her son Barry. Jarlett was employed between 1964 and 1968, when giving teeth to the help was all the rage among the world's most famous rockers.

"She was very close with John, and one day whilst chatting in the kitchen, John gave my mother the tooth (he had been to the dentist to have it removed that day) and suggested giving it to my sister as a souvenir, as she was a huge Beatles fan," Barry Jarlett said. "It has been in the family ever since."

It may seem strange, but then CNN points out that a clump of hair lopped from Elvis Presley's head when he joined the Army in 1958 sold for $18,300 in 2009.

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