Jenna Dewan Reveals 6-Year-Old Daughter's Cute Reaction to Her Pregnancy News

Jenna Dewan's daughter Everly cannot wait to step up into her role as big sister.

Case in point: The 6-year-old had the absolute sweetest reaction when she learned Dewan and love Steve Kazee were expecting their first child together. "She is so thrilled," the actress raved on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "I knew she would be happy 'cause she's been asking for this. But as soon as she found out she started crying. She was like, 'This is the best day of my life!'"

Perhaps, in fact, she's a little too excited. Nowadays, "everywhere we go, she pulls up my shirt, so everywhere we go she'll be like, 'There's a baby in this belly!'" the 38-year-old admitted. "And then she's like, 'Don't you wanna touch it?'...She's so proud."

So is Dewan, albeit not of her pregnancy cravings. "All I want is, like, 7-Eleven Slurpees or Cheetos," she told guest host Sean Hayes. "I'm a super healthy eater. I love eating healthy, vegetarian, all that stuff. And now I'm like, 'Give me anything!' Like, chips. It's so bad."

Jenna Dewan Is Expecting With Boyfriend Steve Kazee

The Gracefully You author announced her baby joy back in September. Even her ex Channing Tatum is excited for her family to grow.

"Jenna told Channing that she was pregnant and wanted to make sure he knew before she announced it," a source previously told E! News. "He is happy for her and was very supportive."

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