Jamie Lee Curtis Can't Leave the Sigourney Competition Onscreen

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver play bitter rivals who rekindle their hatred in the new comedy "You Again," and a little of that has bled offscreen -- even if it's played up for full comedic effect.

Curtis went on a hilarious tongue-in-cheek monologue about Weaver during the "You Again" press day that made it clear that the two weren't just acting when they rumbled in the pool in the movie.

"We've been up for a lot of movies together," Curtis admitted. "She always got them.

"I don't hold any grudge."

Curtis was exorcising some light-hearted demons in advance of the movie about long-buried high school rivalries which comes out Friday. This was even before the two stars "accidentally" wore the same dress to the movie's premiere (mirroring a scene in the movie).

"I barely got through high school. She went to Yale and speaks French," Curtis continued. "She's married to a theater director (Jim Simpson), I'm married to a film director (Christopher Guest)."

Sounded like advantage Weaver, but then Curtis pulled out two action figures in boxes and showed them off.

"She was in the number one movie of all time ("Avatar") as she'll tell you…often," said Curtis. "I was in the worst piece of s--- you've ever seen called 'Virus.'"

"And yet my action figure is bigger than hers."

What's more, the "Virus" action figure is a collectible at this point while the "Avatar" collectibles are so out there that they are a little common.

"(Weaver's) action figure was 50 percent off," Curtis laughed. "My action figure was a premium cost on eBay."

"That's all I'm saying, the rest is irrelevant," she ended, triumphantly.

For a moment, Curtis even forgot that she was a New York Times best-selling children's book author.

"It's not a competition. I'm in no competition with Ms. Weaver," smiled Curtis. "And I don't throw my 5 million books sold number at her at all."

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