ISIS Terror: Experts Weigh in on How to Defeat Militants

By carrying out the Paris massacre Friday, ISIS showed the world its intention of bringing its terrorism to the West. President Obama said he saw little reason to change his current approach, which relies on a combination of airstrikes, training of local anti-ISIS forces and cutting off the group's financing and an aversion to sending ground troops.

But many analysts say the Paris attacks — and the earlier bombing of Beirut and a Russian tourist plane — prove that the United States' campaign to thwart ISIS in Syria and Iraq is failing.

But if the current effort won't work, then what will? NBC News asked experts how they thought the United States should move forward.

One expert said a "slow squeeze," a gradual ratcheting-up of airstrikes and involvement of special operations forces on the groun would allow the U.S. and its allies to tout more battlefield victories and seize more territory.

Another expert said Obama, French President Francoise Hollande and other coalition leaders should embark immediately on negotiations for a cease-fire.

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