Malibu Ken Crashes “Eclipse”

Summit Entertainment

One of the bigger questions that came to mind with the release of the latest "Eclipse" stills is whether Malibu Ken is moonlighting in the latest in the "Twilight" series.

Because it sure looks like him in one of the scenes. And we do know that Ken's agent is getting him a lot of work with the "Toy Story" gig and all that.

But it turns out that that's Peter Facinelli looking all kinds of buff and perhaps going a little heavy on the vampire make-up to give a plastic doll like affect.

Facinelli did tell PopcornBiz that he worked out like a madman for the latest in the "Twilight" saga opening on June 30. How his vampire character got so suddenly bulked up will not be explained in the movie (did they get a home gym at the Cullen household?), but it will come in handy battling nasty vampires.

Don't expect him to go totally Malibu Ken. Dr. Carlisle Cullen does not take his shirt off.

"Carlisle is not the shirtless kind of guy," he says. "It gets depressing because you do these workouts and your body is starting to look good. You kind of want your shirt to be off."

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