How Robert Pattinson Can Really Bite You

"New Moon" hackers aim for users' jugulars

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Beware, "New Moon" fans: Hackers are taking advantage of the latest "Twilight" movie to try and bite into your computer. And that can really suck.

Much like other recent "celebrity" hackings, bad guys on the Web are trying to lure Twilighters with videos and Web links. The payoff is not the promised movie clips but rather "malware" -- hostile software code that lets hackers install messes onto your computer's hard drive. The resulting computer infections can cost big bucks to clean up. The most common links promise something called a "streamviewer."

San Francisco-based virus fighter PC Tools says depending on the day (or the hacker), all sorts of things might be pumped into your machine to gum things up.  "The payload is changing all the time," says PC Tools executive Michael Greene.

Best advice?  Slow down before clicking on "Twilight-"related links like "Robert Pattinson," and "Stephenie Meyer," especially if they come from sites you don't know and trust or via unknown email addresses.  PC Tools also suggests checking your antivirus software to make sure it's up to date. 

Enjoy the movie, and all the endless websites dedicated to it.  But remember: There are bad guys out there, and they don't wait until after dark to attack.

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