“How I Met Your Mother” Series Finale Spoilers: Find Out What Happened

After nine years of slap bets, drunken hook-ups, hilarious shenanigans and failed relationships, our 208-episode journey was almost over.

WARNING: We're about to discuss some MAJOR spoilers from How I Met Your Mother's series finale. If you do not wish to partake, kindly turn away and leave now, you blitz! For everyone else, we're passing you some virtual tissues...

Um...what the heck was that?!

We started out the hour with happy thoughts and heart-pounding excitement. This was it. This was our moment. After nine years of slap bets, drunken hook-ups, hilarious shenanigans and failed relationships, our 208-episode journey was almost over. Ted was going to meet The Mother--the woman of his dreams and the (mostly) unseen star of our hit comedy.

Fast forward one hour later. We no longer have a spring in our step and a song in our hearts. (It was "500 Miles," bee-tee-dubs.) We're baffled, hurt, upset and dare we say it...really pissed off!

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Here's what you need to know: Through a series of future flashes, we saw all of Ted and Tracy's--aka The Mother--happiest moments together: The reveal of their first pregnancy, a re-proposal, their wedding day and even a sweet date at Wrestlers vs. Robots.

Yes, everything was picture perfect for our Renaissance Fair-loving couple, even when it was revealed that Robin and Barney had got a divorce after just three short years together. Or when Barney later discovered that in his quest for a Perfect Month (Ew!), he knocked up some poor bimbo.

Ted gave us a sweet speech about how being with The Mother (Sorry, we mean Tracy! Old habit.) taught him to cherish every single second of their lives together. He even loved her through the "in sickness and in health" part of their vows, and thus we learned that the Mother had gotten sick and passed away.

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That's right, the HIMYM theory that we really hoped that we were wrong about was indeed correct. Loyal fans then discovered that while Ted was telling this long-winded tale of devotion, six years had passed since Tracy died. However, it turns out that this was not a love story about The Mother, this was a unconscious confession of love for Aunt Robin.

With his kids' blessing and full encouragement, Ted raced over to Robin's apartment and called to her from the window and, once again, presented her with the with the blue french horn. It was his final over-the-top romantic gesture--and many fans are saying it was for the wrong girl.

And wait...what about the pineapple?!

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