Hot Ticket: “Breaking Bad” Finale at Hollywood Forever

Tickets to watch with the cast sold out in seconds, but there's a get-in contest on.

Watercoolers are still very much in use these days, though maybe not so much for their famous secondary purpose: As a spot to discuss and dissect the obsessed-over series of the moment.

We now have social media for that, and when word got out that the "Breaking Bad" final episode would screen at Hollywood Forever on Sunday, Sept. 29, and that the cast and crew would be on hand to watch it with the fans, well. The watercooler was left in the proverbial dust.

Tickets, which went on sale on Wednesday, Sept. 4, sold out in two minutes (a conservative estimate) to mere seconds (also reported here and there). Whatever the case, that's faster than any speed the famous RV show can top, meaning a lot of serious mavens did not score a ticket.

And, yep, those tickets are popping up around Craigslist and other spots, but there's a way to win entry, help out the Kind Campaign, and hang out with Aaron Paul, who, of course, is Jesse Pinkman on the show.

One entry is $10; money raised from the "Breaking Bad" entries help support the campaign's "efforts to combat the negative effects of bullying."

The more entries you buy, the more discounted they become, and the more sweet benefits Mr. Paul throws in. Example? Buy 50 entries at five bucks each and he'll sign "his specially designed t-shirt."

Awww. Warm fuzzies, indeed. Nice.

One person will get the invite (and hotel and a flight, too). You'll need to enter by Wednesday, Sept. 25. is part of the fundraising effort.

So do so, lickety-split, then get back to the proverbial watercooler so you can discuss everything about the most recent and intense and extremely intense episode. It was intense, right? So just imagine watching the final spin, at Hollywood Forever, with the cast. Intensity magnified.

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