Holy Making Stuff Up, Batman!

Let's just assume that everything you think you know about "The Dark Knight Rises" is wrong. Since production began on Christopher Nolan's third installment in his Batman trilogy, the internet has been aflame with rumors that are, quite frankly, complete nonsense.

If we believed everything we read, then Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing everyone from The Riddler to Robin to Black Mask to Bat Mite. And Heath Ledger will be making a CGI-enhanced cameo. And Christian Bale is playing the entire movie as Bat-Dicky Eklund.

In other words, we've been pretty much ignoring the most egregiously outrageous internet speculation.

Until now.

Why? Because someone, somewhere, claims to have seen ADAM WEST in England. And, um, "Dark Knight" is currently shooting in England. COINCIDENCE? I mean, he's in the same country where a movie is being shot. Do you need it spelled out for you? 

OK, this is ridiculous, but we couldn't resist it because, well, it makes us think of this...

And when is that ever bad? 

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