Heidi Fleiss Giving Thanks for Surviving House Fire

Chances are good that your Thanksgiving was much, much better than that of Heidi Fleiss, formerly known as the Hollywood Madam.

Fleiss' holiday began with a fire that she believes started in the chimney or her Pahrump, Nev., home, reported Fox 5 News in Las Vegas. Officials have not yet confirmed the source of the blaze. 

Fleiss, 44, was spotted with one of her exotic birds perched on her shoulder as she walked along with a firefighter, presumably discussing the tragic turn of events. Judging from the video posted by TMZ, the place is totaled.

The former prostitute runner moved to southern Nevada a few years ago with plans to open a brothel that would cater to female customers. When that business failed to launch, she instead opened a pet grooming business and a laundromat called--wait for it--Dirty Laundry.

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