Grocery Store's Halloween Decor Gets Out of Hand

One Norwegian supermarket may have gotten a little too haunted by Halloween holiday spirit.
Shoppers were shocked when they saw what looked like severed human limbs on display next to cuts of chicken and steak in the meat section of Norway's Europris market.
The supermarket chain put out the fake, bloodied hands and feet as part of Halloween decor according to the International Business Times. All products were shrink-wrapped to resemble typical meat packaging and had fake nutritional information.
But customer outrage has forced a removal of the products from the shelves and Europris has released an apology to customers who were angered by the "Chop Shop" offering.
"Our intention was obviously not to upset our customers," Purchasing Manager Knut Spaeren told Norway's NRK. "Now we are withdrawing the few products that people have complained about, including the severed hands."
For a look at the original picture, check out NRK
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