Grandmother’s Accidental Thanksgiving Text to Random Teen Leads to Heartwarming Viral Story

Jamal Hinton isn't Wanda Delch's grandson, but she invited him to her holiday dinner anyway

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NBC News

Jamal Hinton was confused by the Thanksgiving dinner invitation he got from an unknown number, but the misplaced missive has led to a heartwarming cross-generational meet-up, NBC News reports.

The high school senior from Phoenix was included on a group text Tuesday indicating that Thanksgiving dinner would be served at 3 p.m. this year. 

"I thought it was either a wrong number or my grandma learned how to use a phone correctly," Hinton told NBC News. 

But when he asked for a photo, the woman who wrote back was a stranger to him. But she's a grandma, and when he jokingly asked if he could still get a plate, Wanda Delch replied that she'd be happy to.

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