Google Maps but With Graffiti

Bay Area company lets you virtually tag the city

Interstate 95 Pileup

Watch out Google, someone has their eyes set on you. And the scary thing is they are trying to do a better job of impersonating Big Brother than you.

A new car is going around San Francisco with a camera attached to the roof mapping the city. But this time the cameras belong to earthmine and they want you to tag the city with your favorite graffiti.

Wild Style City

The service is called Wild Style City, according to our friends at Wired, and it allows you to navigate San Francisco, and other cities soon, in a Flash viewer and tag whatever you want with spray paint, markers or paint rollers.

“Every pixel in the image is 3-D,” earthmine co-founder and co-CEO Anthony Fassero told “You could actually click on one corner [of a building] and click on another corner, and get a real-world measurement.”
Users can navigate their way around a virtual San Francisco with everything they need to leave their mark on the city. The company actually worked with real graffiti artists to make the service more realistic.

“You don’t actually have to go somewhere anymore to be able to experience a place,” Fassero told Wired. “It’s about really hitting that hyper-local experience, and being able to see it in a way that’s realistic.”

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