Getting to Know Adam Platt, Extreme Eater and Ketchup Lover

We got inside the head of Adam Platt, noted restaurant critic, serious gourmand, father of two, and brother of actor Oliver Platt [pictured here]. We find out what the faceless man behind New York Magazine's restaurant reviews really noshes on at home, why he might have one of the most dangerous jobs in the industry, and what he really thinks of Sifton.

To start off with some recent news, what do you think of Sam Sifton stepping down as New York Times restaurant critic?
I've enjoyed Sam's writing greatly, especially when he writes about recipes and the dishes he cooks at home. Like his predecessor, Mr. Bruni, I commend him for staying so svelte during his time on the job, and for getting out of the racket alive.

Give us your expert opinion on the most underrated or overrated food.
Foie gras is overrated, and so is caviar, unless someone else is paying. White truffles flown in from Italy are slightly less overrated, although it helps if someone is paying for those too. I also think the annual hysteria over springtime ramps is ridiculously overrated.

Ketchup isn't a vegetable, or possibly even a food, despite what the first President Bush said, but I think it's incredibly underrated.

What's the most dangerous part of your job?
Eating yourself into morbid obesity and/or eventual death. Or, choking to death on a chicken bone. Or, suffering a massive coronary event, while dining at some godawful restaurant. The dangers of the job are too numerous to count, when you think about it.  

What's your restaurant pet peeve?
I fly into a rage when I hear these dreaded words, "I'm sorry Sir, but we can't seat you at your table until everyone in your party has arrived".

What is the best thing in your fridge right now?
A bag of frozen pork and scallion dumplings from Prosperity Dumplings, in Chinatown. My two little girls love the dumplings at Prosperity. 

Tell us about a moment in your life that could be described as extreme eating.
Once on a trip to Tokyo, I dined on grilled chicken uterus for lunch and the bloated sperm sack of a deadly poisonous fugu blow fish for dinner. I thought that was pretty extreme.

What is the best thing you’ve eaten between two buns?
The pulled pork lunchtime sandwich at Dickson's Farmstand in Chelsea. At least that was last week's favorite. 

What do you crave after a few cocktails?

The comfort of my own bed.

If I weren't a restaurant critic, I would be a __________.
very portly stay-at-home dad

Favorite condiment?
It's a dead heat between Mayonnaise and Tabasco sauce. 

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