Furor After North Dakota Principal Rejects Student’s Gun Yearbook Photo

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A North Dakota school district could decide as early as Friday on whether a photo of a gun-toting student that has attracted national attention will be allowed in the yearbook.

Charlie Renville posted a photo of his son, Josh Renville — clad in an American flag shirt, with his "favorite rifle" on his shoulder — on Facebook Tuesday, expressing frustration in the caption that Fargo North High School Principal Andy Dahlen had refused to allow it in the yearbook. The photo has been shared more than 1,600 times.

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My first update! Josh's picture is now under review by the Associate Superintendent Bob Grosz. But a interesting...

Posted by Charlie Renville on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Charlie Renville wrote that he felt the picture was "no different then (sic) the pictures in the school library of soldiers during anyone of our nations (sic) wars," but said Dahlen had claimed the picture would not be allowed in the yearbook because "it's the law."

"When you're looking whether it's appropriate or not ... I had a gut instinct that it was not" because weapons aren't allowed on school property, Dahlen said. He added that in past years, yearbooks may have featured photos of students hunting, but "we live in a different time now."

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