Fowl Play: A Judge Forced To End Parrot Feud

Feathers fly as two pet lovers squabble over a parrot with two names

Hero Parrot Choking

One owner named him "Tequila." Another called the pet "Lucky." But the African Gray parrot should probably be renamed "Trouble Maker" after Monday, when a judge had to settle a squabble between two pet lovers fighting over the bird.

The bird flew the coop from his owner, Angela Colicheski, three years ago and landed in the hands of Sarita Lytell.

Then one day, Colicheski and Lytell randomly met where many a parrot lover dines – Dunkin’ Donuts – and started discussing their infatuation with birds, particularly African Gray parrots.

That’s when Colicheski realized the bird Lytell was so affectionately talking about was formerly her beloved Tequila, who she bought 13 years ago.

That’s when the feathers really started to fly.

Colicheski wanted him back. Lytell told her to go suck a rotten egg.

Then came the lawsuit and a judge, who sided with Colicheski despite the fact she named the bird after hard liquor and a popular stripper stage name.

So in the end, Colicheski and Tequila were reunited and it feels so good.

Might we suggest a cage as a reunion gift?

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