Former Playboy Playmate Sues Journey Guitarist Over Marin Deal

She says a 'marriage like relationship' has him on the hook.

A 1986 Playboy Playmate of the Month claims the lead guitarist of the popular rock band Journey owes her $25,000 after making an "express oral nonmarital relationship agreement."

Ava Fabian, 46, filed a lawsuit against Neal Schon, 57, after the two allegedly lived together in a "marriage like relationship" in San Anselmo between February 2010 to September 2011.

Schon allegedly broke an agreement to support Fabian during their time together, and if the two ever broke it off, he would continue the support her for a limited time, according to the lawsuit filed in Marin Superior Court.

In turn, Fabian allegedly put her time and energy into watching over Schon's mother and children, cleaning up the place for parties and tending "to his every need to the detriment of her own career and livelihood." The lawsuit mentions missed opportunities such as a lingerie advertisement and a 2010 playboy spread.

After the two broke up in September, Schon allegedly "began contacting third parties and disparaging plaintiff's sexuality," the lawsuit says. "Defendant accused plaintiff that she was a lesbian and this was the cause of the termination of the parties' romantic relationship."

Fabian specifically alleges "breach of express contract, constructive trust, money 'had & received,' intentional infliction of emotional distress and 'quantum meruit' -- payment for services performed in the absence of a contract," Gary Klein of the Marin Independent Journal reports.

There is a court date scheduled for April.

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