First Pic of Matt Damon's “Adjustment Bureau”

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt began shooting "The Adjustment Bureau" last fall, but only now are the first images from the film emerging.

To be honest, the pics, which first appeared on Collider, are not terribly gripping. The two stars staring pensively off into the distance, the two stars looking fearfully at a book... Just the same, it's nice to see the Internet buzz machine getting revved up for what promises to be some quality summertime fare.

Fortunately, we already know plenty about the basic plot of this new thriller based on the work of Phillip K. Dick: a young Senate hopeful falls for a beautiful ballet dancer only to find there are mysterious forces at work trying to keep them apart. The supporting cast features Anthony Mackie and Terrence Stamp.

The "Bureau" reunites Damon with writer-directed by George Nolfi, who penned both "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Ocean's Twelve." The project also has Damon again working with our corporate cousins at Universal -- let's hope this turns out better than their last collaboration, "The Green Zone."

"The Adjustment Bureau" comes out July 30.

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