First Look at Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in “Game Change”

When it was announced that HBO was making a movie about John McCain's failed presidential run, naturally we expected a serious, in-depth look at a campaign that still has some lasting resonance.

But then it was announced that it was going to be directed by "Austin Powers" and "Meet the Parents" director Jay Roach...and we were, well, confused.

We were hoping the first trailer would help shed some light on the direction the movie is going, but we can't say it does. Ed Harris seems to fit McCain's suit well (too bad Burgess Meredith is dead) - even though the "get me a woman" line is a groaner - and Harrelson appears to have a lock on how he's going to play McCain's chief stategist Steve Schmidt...but then we get the intro of "The Palin." 

Roach introduces her like a Bond villain, stepping out of a limo in shadow. If this is intentional, then it's going to require some effort to get us to take the rest of it seriously.

Also, if the movie's sole point is to tell us that the selection of Palin was just a desperate flail from a dying campaign well....2008 called, and it wants its glaring obviousness back.

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